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Mayfields Farm is a small 40 acre farm on the edge of Themelthorpe village, in the parish of Foulsham, near Reepham, in Norfolk.

It is owned by the Countryside Restoration Trust, a charity with a mission to protect the farmed countryside, its wildlife, and the people with the knowledge and skills to take care of it. When utilised collectively these ideas repesent a strategic resource, vital for our future food security.

The Tenant Farmer and Education Officer at Mayfields Farm is Sarah Jenkins.



Sheep and sheepdogs have been a natural way of life for Sarah. She feels that shepherding is inextricably bound to conservation, and has a deep appreciation for the countryside and its seasons, with a practical grasp of agricultural economics, and the nature and structure of rural life.

Sarah has been involved in farming for many years, particularly with regard to sheep production; from shepherding  large commercial flocks, to smaller pedigree flocks, and has been responsible for day-to-day management as well as contract work and lambing.

Sarah has been running in sheepdog trials for as long as she has been shepherding sheep. She has competed at the highest levels, having twice represented England at the International and qualifying with two dogs in the 2002 Bala World Trials. She has also judged many trials in England and Wales, and in 2005 was invited to judge a series of trials in the USA. In 2012 she was also invited to judge at the Dutch Open Sheepdog Trials.

Alongside shepherding and trialling, Sarah has been teaching about the basic instinict of the dog with sheep for many years. The basis of this technique is understanding and utilising the language of the dog. To contact Sarah for one-to-one lessons click  here.

As Education Officer at Mayfields Farm, Sarah will lead the sessions for welcomed school groups, youth groups or other clubs, and can tailor activities to suit your requirements or link with topics.