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Mayfields Farm is a 40 acre smallholding on the edge of Themelthorpe village, in the parish of Foulsham, near Reepham, in Norfolk. It is owned by the Countryside Restoration Trust, a conservation charity which aims to protect and restore Britain's countryside with wildlife-friendly, sustainable agriculture and community involvement. The land was gifted to the Trust by Greta McDonough in May 2004. The tenant farmer is Sarah Jenkins.

The Farm

Should you want to learn about sheep, train your dog to work with sheep, introduce groups of children to the countryside, take a quiet evening walk and watch sheep dogs at work, or train your dog, then Mayfields Farm is the place for you.

The farm offers a range of activities and habitats; hedges, young and mature trees, areas of rough grassland and ponds.  We intend creating other types of grassland and hay meadows.

Events and Open Days

We hold various events and open days throughout the year, including:

  • Working sheepdog displays
  • Meet and greet the farm animals
  • Guided evening walks to look for owls, bats and moths

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