Behaviour and Obedience Training (Pet Dogs and Owners)

Wolfie the puppy and Raif the cat

Using the language of the dog it is possible to help with problems encountered by owners. Caitlin and Nell can offer you one-to-one training for both behaviour and obedience. Are you experiencing any of the following:

  • Does your dog run off and not come when called?
  • Does your dog pull on its lead?
  • Does it chase wildlife or livestock?
  • Does it get over-excited?
  • Is it aggressive towards other dogs or people?
  • Is it nervous or apprehensive?


We can help turn your dog into one which is a pleasure to live with, using a method based on the language and instincts of the dog. It is not a 'quick fix' but rather a way of life for you and your dog.

We provide initial consultation and assessment which allows us to devise an individual programme, tailored to the needs of each dog.


Please contact us to discuss individual prices and for more information.

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