nautral play

Dog with ball

About 'Natural Play'

Mayfields Farm would like to introduce: ‘Natural Play’.

Set in a rural environment, Mayfields can offer somewhere secure, within a well stock-fenced paddock, to enjoy time with your dog(s) off the lead.

Natural play provides the space to give your dog(s) freedom, but is also the perfect opportunity to practise basic training techniques such as "sit", "stay" and the "recall" away from the distractions of a public field.


Dogs chasing ball

Need help with training?

In addition, tenant farmer Sarah Jenkins and her daughter Caitlin, can also provide one-to-one training for you and your dog.


To exculsively rent a paddock for you and your dog(s) it is £10 for a 45 minute slot. Please contact us for individual prices and for more information on behavioural training.