Other Farm Animals

We have a range of other animals on the farm.

Dove the Fell Pony

Dove the Fell Pony

The Fell pony is a versatile, working breed of mountain and moorland pony, originally bred on the fell farms of Northwest England. The Fell pony is noted for hardiness, agility, strength and sure-footedness.



Red Squirrel

Red Squirrels

The red squirrel is protected in most of Europe as numbers have decreased. They shed their coats twice a year, switching to a darker, thicker coat, in winter. They mate twice a year, usually in February/March and June/July. The average size of a litter is 3-4 kittens, but can be as large as 6. The gestation periods is 38-39 days. The nest of a squirrel is known as a drey and they live on average 3 years, although in captivity they have been known to live for 10 years.


Adult goat and kids

Anglo-Nubbian Goats

Developed in Britain for its fantastic milk and cross bred with breeds from the Middle East and North Africa, the Anglo-Nubian goat is characterised by its roman nose and pendulous ears. The Anglo-Nubian's coat ranges in colours from chestnut, fawn, black, white or cream. They are a highly intellegient goat and generally only vocal for a reason.