Sheepdog (AND HANDLER) Training

A sheepdog handler under instruction

Mayfields offers a variety of training options to suit individuals and their dogs. With our different breeds of sheep available for dog training we can provide suitable sheep for dogs and handlers of any age and ability, from complete beginners to those with considerable experience.

Whether your main interest is in producing a good working dog, being able to compete successfully in trials, or learning a new skill with your dog, we can help.

If you are not sure if working with sheep is something you and your dog would like to do, come and watch, then if you want to continue, we can arrange a trial and assessment session.

We can also arrange group training sessions, at Themelthorpe.

The Natural Way

Training is based on The Natural Way, a method using the language and instincts of the dog; this method has evolved during many years of working with Julie Hill.

The basis of this technique is understanding and utilising the language of the dog as a pack animal, enabling communication with our dogs through body language.

Through pressure and release you demonstrate to the dog that you are the 'Alpha' or 'Leader' and are to be trusted and followed. This technique has been developed by Julie and Sarah while training working sheepdogs. It is explained in Julie's sheepdog training book The Natural Way published in 2003.

Sarah and Caitlin

Caitlin Jenkins

Due to an increase in demand for lessons, Sarah's daughter Caitlin has now joined her at Mayfields and will also be offering lessons in training the working sheepdog as well. Caitlin has a large amount of livestock farming experience and has trained her own sheepdogs over the years to a high standard at both work and trialling. Caitlin's approach to training is quiet and kind, making her particularly good with sensitive dogs.


Please contact us for individual prices and for more information.